Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some Characters

Character Traits:
Body: Tall/Medium
Clothes: Street Clothes
Face: Demonic
Weapon: Thin sword

Character Traits: 
Body: Tall/medium
Clothes: Crystal Armor
Face: Cat-like
Accessory: Tattoo

Character Traits:
Body: Short/Built
Clothes: Hakama
Head: Dog-like
Weapon: Broadsword 

Character Traits: 
Body: Medium/Built
Clothes: Royal 
Head: Human Female/old
Accessory: Crown
This old queen has a habit of pinching the butts of all the cute male courtiers in her palace, and tends to walk around barefoot because shoes are just too uncomfortable.

Found a cool character generator site that gives you character attributes to use in character designs. Check it out! (