Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Super Princess Peach Re-Design

Mario is about to propose to his precious Peach when all of a sudden Bowser appears out of nowhere and kidnaps the groom-to-be!

Out of the shadows appears a mysterious Toadstool Merchant who presents Peach with the Poison Mushroom belt to aid her in her search for Mario

The belt transforms Peach's dress into a kick butt battle outfit and out she runs to save her man, stomping on enemies as she goes!

In each world Peach explores she is given an item by the merchant that is key to her survival. She is given the Fire Flower Flame thrower in the Piranha Plant Swamp to combat the Piranha Plants!

The Ghost Goggles allow Peach to see ghostly enemies in the Haunted Mansion

Finally Peach arrives at Bowers volcanic castle...will she have what it takes to save the day?

Game Over screen poster which would pop up if you ran out of lives within the game.