Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alice Outfit Illustration

An Alice inspired outfit illustration for Disneybound

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Little Kids

Practicing more with shape

March 2012 Laika Creative Challenge Submission

For this month's challenge, Laika had us create a character that resembled Spring! I came up with this Spring sprite. She is the youngest of the Season Sprites, probably around 6 years old. Having been asleep for so long under Winter's blanket of snow she is eager to wake up and get started on preparing spring time for the world. Here in Oregon, the spring weather varies and can change dramatically within the hour, the Spring sprite is the same way. Her elemental powers change given the mood she is in, and being a hyperactive 6 year old, her moods can change very quickly. When she is feeling content she sports green skin and a green leafy cape and plant life blooms at her slightest touch. When she is feeling sad or melancholy, she turns very blue and rain falls from the sky as she cries. The amount of rain depends on her degree of sadness. When her pet deer passed away from old age, we experienced a week long downpour with several thunderstorms. When Spring is at her happiest her body glows the brightest yellow, and her happiness allows her to float up into the air and dry the world with her warm sunshine. Spring is never very happy when she has to give up her reign of the season and has to pass on that power to her older brother, Summer. She tends to pout around the world until its her turn to be the lead Season Sprite again.

Another Warm Up That I'm Proud Of!

Some classy folks, that could probably be found in a lounge in a fancy ski lodge....they're probably undercover spies as well.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Disneybound Illustration Update

A Merida inspired outfit

An Animal inspired outfit

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Paper Bag Princess

Princess Elizabeth's kingdom. Its a perfect morning for an arranged marriage!

The wedding ceremony of Princess Elizabeth and her betrothed, Prince Ronald. Unfortunately an uninvited guest is about to arrive.

The ruins of Elizabeth's castle after the rampage of the dragon. All of her belongings burnt, Elizabeth finds a paper bag to clothe herself with.

Realizing that Ronald had been kidnapped by the dragon, Elizabeth takes off into the forest, following the dragon's trail of scorched trees.

The cave of the dragon! Sealed by a very large door and guarded by the bones of fallen knights.

After tiring out the dragon and causing him to fall asleep from exhaustion, Elizabeth enters the cave and finds Ronald! But seeing Elizabeth in her grungy state, he refuses to marry her. Elizabeth leaves him captive and goes and lives her life. The End!

I've loved Robert Munsch's story The Paper Bag Princess, ever since I first heard it in 2nd grade, and its always been one of those stories that have stuck with me. I thought it would be a fun subject for a visual development project for myself.