Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Character Design Alphabet

One of my summer projects was this character design exercise I created. Each day I went through the alphabet and picked a boy and girl's name beginning with that day's letter and designed two characters based on those names. It was really fun and I definitely learned a lot!

A is for Ace and Alberta 

B is for Birdie and Bruno

C is for Cliff and Cecile

D is for Demetrius and Dolce (from the Gabbana family)

E is for Ezra and Edwina

F is for Felix and Flavia

G is for Gia and Giuseppe

H is for Hugo and Harmony

I is for Ike and Imelda

J is for Jules and Jetta

K is for Kirby and Kazzi

L is for Lezaro and Lottie

M is for Milton and Margorie (I was in a super hero mood so I drew some elderly super heroes. Despite growing older, they still haven’t lost their powers. Milton has the power over nature and earth, and Margorie can shoot lasers out of her eyes and hands)

N is for Nicky and Naomi

O is for Otto, his son Otis, and Olivia

P is for Pubert (1970s boy genius) and Penelope

Q is for Quincy (the eccentric pirate AKA the Mad Hatter of the Seas) and Queenie (who lives up to her name)

R is for Robin and Ruby

S is for Sylvester (Jazz player extraordinaire) and Shizuko (Japanese Pop Idol)

T is for Tristan and Tabatha

U is for Uri and Uma

V is for Vincenzo and Veronica

W is for Wiley and Wilhelmina 

X is for Xavier (Edwardian vampire playboy) and Xenia (Arabian sword fighter)

Y is for Yoshie (major gamer and possibly Nintendo’s biggest fanboy) and Yvette (a lounge singer who ends up getting ridiculously drunk by the end of her performances. Her final songs always end up being performed with her sprawled on the piano)

 Z is for Zander (a Scottish warrior whose flowing locks are the envy of every woman in his village) and Zora (a voodoo witch doctor).


  1. Wonderful ! Loving your style and smooth lines so much =D
    Think I got a crush on some of your guys !

  2. Dang! These are really good. What a fun idea too! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much Tom! I really appreciate that :)

  3. I loved this project... Really great variety of characters!
    > < You are so talented~~! :) And hardworking, whew! The whole alphabet times two.

  4. Ugh, Otto and Otis are the cutest thing! Good work, Phillip!

  5. INCREDIBLE. Just discovered your work via tumblr- love it love it love it.