Sunday, August 19, 2012

Werewolf Boy

Werewolf Boy. He appears to be your average guy, but during the full moon, he transforms into a monstrous blood thirsty wolf. There is no controlling his wolf self, he will neither recognize a friend from an animal....but thats fine because he doesn't have any friends. In an effort to keep anyone from harm, he keeps people at a distance. During the day of the full moon, he desperately tries to lock himself away to contain the wolf, but he always seems to get out. He wakes up the next morning, covered in the blood of whatever it was he had killed without any memory of the previous night. Having gone through this cycle for so many years, he has a deep feeling of self loathing, and most of his happy emotions in public are forced and not genuine. Its even gotten to the point where his wolf tendencies are carrying into his human form.

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