Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cerberus Boy

Cerberus Boy….or boys. From right to left we have Diablo, Lucifer, and Damien. Known around the country as the greatest one man rock band in history. Their band name is Hell Hound and if you can’t remember that, its tattooed on their shared chest, so you’ll always know who they are. The band has a cut throat following of female fans who would gladly live in eternal damnation if it meant spending the rest of their lives with the brothers. Sharing a conjoined body can be really frustrating for the brothers and often results in fights, even on stage. Damien is the peace keeper of the group, always there to make sure Diablo and Lucifer don’t gash each others faces up too much. And in case you were wondering, Diablo controls the right arm, Damien controls the left arm, and Lucifer controls the legs. 

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