Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gingerbread Lair

My Entry for the Laika Creative Challenge:

Ever since Martinez the gingerbread man was betrayed by the Baker, who created him only to try and eat him, he has made it his life's mission to track down the Baker and return the favor. He won't try to eat him of course, but torture him, the same way he was tortured by the Baker when he took a bite out of Martinez's head and dunked in a glass of milk before he was able to flee the Bakery.
This is Martinez's Laboratory/Torture Chamber in the basement of his gingerbread house. This is where Martinez tracks the Baker's whereabouts, plotting the perfect moment to kidnap the Baker and have his way with him in the torture chamber.

In this room most everything is edible. The theme Martinez was going for was "Sickly Sweet." He has installed a restraining table made out of a whole chocolate bar, perfect for holding down victims in case they get any ideas of escaping. Above the table is an electric shock helmet. The number of volts can be changed from a light shock to a deathly charge. Bottles of poison, and hallucinogenic potions litter the shelves. Martinez keeps his torture tools along with his notes and information on the Baker's whereabouts tacked up on graham cracker tack boards. And on the floor you will see a trap door marked "Danger." This leads to a pit full of blazing hot fudge, for when Martinez gets tired of torturing the Baker and finally decides to do away with him.

Based on the picture Laika/House gave us of Martinez, he looked like a very sinister guy who had an evil plan in mind. I felt like a Laboratory/Torture chamber would be a perfect edition to his gingerbread house.


  1. I love the ideas you've put into this piece! really fun and well thought out

  2. Thanks so much! These Laika challenges have been really great and have pushed me to be more inventive with my ideas. I've been drawing things I wouldn't normally think of drawing! Also! I love your work, thanks so much for the comment :)