Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Witches of Oz Redesign

Here are the witches of Oz! In my design for the land of Oz, each country has a very different style which is specific to a different time period with a little twist on it.

I see Glinda as the kind overseer of the Land of Oz, I think she has an even higher status than the Wizard of Oz. I wanted her to look very grand, respectable, and kind, but also someone who demands attention. I designed her costume based around clothes worn in the Edwardian Period. She looks very sophisticated but her oversized and slightly pointed hat combined with the purple accents to her costume still make her look like a magical witch.

I look at the Wicked Witch like the Lady GaGa of Oz. She is her own person, very unique and different, and for that she can be often misunderstood. I wanted WW (Wicked Witch) to be very sleek, graphic, and sharp, but also very elegant. She also needed to drastically contrast with Glinda so you can clearly tell the good between the bad. I may give WW another outfit, but this one we have right here is the one she wears a majority of the time and could be considered her broom riding outfit.

Look forward to scenes coming up soon along with designs for the Munchkins and Ozians!

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