Friday, May 23, 2014

Cyclops Warrior Maiden Maquette

One of my projects for my 4th term at Art Center was to create our own design for the classic mythological beast, the cyclops. We drew an initial design for our character and for 14 weeks we hand sculpted a clay version of it!

The story for my cyclops is pretty short and sweet:
The Cyclopean and Human races are at war with each other and in the midst of the battle the daughter of the chief of the Cyclopes and the son of the captain of the Human race met and instantly fell in love. No rhyme or reason why, it was just love at first sight. Through their love they were able to bring the two races to peace.


  1. Incredible! The weapons littered along her were a great touch.

    SIGH love is blind... or at least lacking in depth perception

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