Thursday, July 19, 2012

Environment a Day Summer Challenge

To improve my environmental work I have given myself the challenge to create an environment everyday (Giving myself the weekends off though!) I started this project almost 3 weeks ago and here have been some of my favorites so far.

My Little Huntress's tree house in the woods:
I figured she’d live in a tree house because, as a vigilante wolf hunter, wolves can’t climb trees, so having a house in the trees would cancel out the opportunity for an attack while she sleeps. I also wanted her to live in this forest of very solemn plain trees, because it helps emphasize how closed off she is from the rest of the world. After the attack of the wolf, she becomes emotionally scared and goes into seclusion in the woods. The wolf was able to trick her into thinking he was her grandma, so she no longer knows who she can trust, and who is genuine. I wanted the forest to appear very quiet and introverted to express Little Red’s emotional state.

Little Red Huntress resting on the banks of a fjord in Norway....The land of my people! 

Not an environment, but this is one of my concepts for The Little Red Huntress

Inside this cave, an explorer has found a young girl slumbering within a large ice crystal. Could she be the ancient princess of legend that will bring the rivaling countries to peace?! Maybe!! 

Deep within the fairy realm there is a grove of trees that produce the most wonderful fireworks (Fireworks come from magical trees and firework pixies, not from chemicals and pyrotechnics) thanks to the tending care of the firework fairies. Out of all the trees, the most beloved is the Sparkler tree where the Sparkler pixies help to create beautiful sparklers to be enjoyed by everyone around the world. 

My sister told me to draw a jungle today so I did a painting of a little jungle river. If you look in the sunlit area, you can just make out the mermaid that swims up and down the jungle river.

The hut of a little tribal boy that lives on the edge of the forest. He is of the age where every little boy goes on his spiritual journey into manhood! The hut is a sort of halfway house between the village and the forest, where his journey will take place.

Going along with the story I started yesterday of the little village boy going on his spirit journey; every young boy needs to venture into the forest and find the Spirit Falls. Here the boy’s spirit animal will appear and guide the boy through the rest of his journey, and for the rest of his life as a man. In this scene the boy has found the falls and his spirit animal has appeared in the form of a stag 

I’ve been seeing improvements in my work these past couple of days, and its really exciting :) Continuing with my Village Boy/Spirit Animal story, here he is following his spirit guide, the stag, on the river alongside the forest.

The potion/fortune shop of a middle aged witch. Her husband has an astrology tower at the top of the shop where he creates planet/star charts for his wife's clients.

A desert scene...because its been so hot in my house lately.

I'm really glad I started this challenge, because I've been noticing a lot of improvement in my work :)


  1. I think my favourite is the potion shop, I can really see the characters you described living there. I also liked the detail of the sort of paint fruit (?) falling on the roof :) Oh and the Norway scene is stunning!

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