Monday, August 29, 2011

Disneybound Illustrations!

As a side project I have been working with Leslie Kay, doing illustrations for her wonderful blog, Disneybound! She puts together outfits inspired by everything Disney! I will be doing illustrations that will be uploaded every Monday, that bring the outfits to life in a fun way. Here are the first two that have been uploaded so far. Everybody should swing by her blog at:

A female version of an outfit inspired by Karl Fredickson from Pixar's UP!

A female version of Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Expect illustration updates every Monday as they are posted on the Disneybound blog!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Castle of the Wicked Witch

Dorothy has been kidnapped by the Wicked Witch and taken to her castle and now the gang must rescue her! I wanted the castle to look very graphic and jagged to reflect the Witch's personal design as well as her personality. The broken yellow brick road signifies that they are no longer in safety; the area beyond is barren and open so the Witch will be able to see whomever may dare to trespass on her domain. The hint of greenery and barren trees also promote the idea of them coming out of safety and now entering into a place of danger. More scenes to come and also some other pieces from a project I'm working on!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Munchkins of Oz

The munchkins of Oz! They may not look it based on these busts, but they are short haha. I will be sure to upload a diagram sheet of the heights of all the characters later on. For their costumes I styled them in the era of the late 1700s (Jane Austen time period). I just thought it was a time period that would fit the atmosphere I was trying to create with Munchkinland. As well as being short, I have made it so that munchkins are naturally born with rosy cheeks and noses...just to make them even cuter haha. Look forward to busts of the Ozians and scenes are coming up soon too!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Witches of Oz Redesign

Here are the witches of Oz! In my design for the land of Oz, each country has a very different style which is specific to a different time period with a little twist on it.

I see Glinda as the kind overseer of the Land of Oz, I think she has an even higher status than the Wizard of Oz. I wanted her to look very grand, respectable, and kind, but also someone who demands attention. I designed her costume based around clothes worn in the Edwardian Period. She looks very sophisticated but her oversized and slightly pointed hat combined with the purple accents to her costume still make her look like a magical witch.

I look at the Wicked Witch like the Lady GaGa of Oz. She is her own person, very unique and different, and for that she can be often misunderstood. I wanted WW (Wicked Witch) to be very sleek, graphic, and sharp, but also very elegant. She also needed to drastically contrast with Glinda so you can clearly tell the good between the bad. I may give WW another outfit, but this one we have right here is the one she wears a majority of the time and could be considered her broom riding outfit.

Look forward to scenes coming up soon along with designs for the Munchkins and Ozians!

Characters from my Redesign of OZ

I'm trying to build up my portfolio so I decided to redesign the story of the Wizard of Oz, redesign the characters, redesign the landscape, etc. fun stuff! So here we have the main gang that go off on their adventure down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City.

I decided to put Dorothy in the 1930s. She's not a little girl like in the original story, maybe around 15 or 16 years old. I decided to keep the ruby red slippers instead of the silver slippers that she has in the original story because I just like that contrast of red with her classic blue gingham dress. I tried to make the shoes very whimsical and unique so they would look like they contained magical powers.

The Cowardly Lion! He's a traditional looking lion and he could look very menacing which contrasts well with his cowardly but kind nature.

The Tin Man was fun to design. I made a big heart shaped hole in his chest just to emphasize the fact that he is missing a heart, which is the one thing that he needs to make him complete. I made his neck permanently cocked to the side because after a while it sort of just rusted to the side, but he gets that fixed after he visits the Emerald City.

The Scarecrow is very tall and slender. I gave him a kind looking face because he's never able to successfully scare off the crows in the cornfield he was placed in. With his eyes I made them look like they are never really focused on one thing in particular (he tends to space off and is in a constant state of a baby!) because he's without a brain.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Something for Fun!

So at 8 in the morning I got this idea to illustrate the lyrics to "How Does She Know" from Enchanted, and it turned out being "Giselle's 6 Step Guide to Showing Your Love." I worked all day on this taking little breaks in between...There has got to be a faster way to color in photoshop!

Some Jungle Kids

Two jungle kids for a story I'm thinking about